The Steele Law Firm DifferenceMost personal injury law firms will claim that they can handle a nursing home case. The truth of the matter is that many law firms do handle these cases, but almost none exclusively handle nursing home cases. It is true that these firms will likely get your case resolved: but they will never go to trial and will often settle the case for less than full justice requires.

Our difference is that we only handle nursing home cases and we litigate claims against the same companies and lawyers every day. This allows us to know immediately what witnesses we need to talk to and what documents we need to request. If the nursing home’s lawyers refuse to produce this critical information quickly then seek a court order requiring the production. We are are also familiar with the corporate structure of almost every nursing home chain. This allows us to sue each shell company these owners form to avoid legal responsibility and hold the ultimate decisions makers responsible for the nursing home’s actions.

With our law firm you can know that you have a dedicated and experienced legal advocate protecting your rights.

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