How Can I Increase the Value of My Case? / The Steele Law Firm How Can I Increase the Value of My Case?

Car wrecks or other serious accidents are traumatic and stressful. The last thing on your mind should be who will pay for your injuries. The five suggestions below will ensure that you receive the most compensation possible and will allow you to concentrate on more important things like your family and recovery.

  • Call the police immediately and ensure a report is created. Often time a police report provides the only objective evidence of how an accident occurred. The police report also includes important details about the individuals involved in the accident and any witnesses. If you are in an accident be sure to request a copy of the report as soon as possible.
  • Take photographs. If you are physically able, use your cell phone or camera to take pictures of the accident area and your vehicle. Pictorial evidence of the damage to a vehicle can greatly impact juries and insurance adjusters alike and therefore increase the value of your case.
  • Seek medical attention immediately. Insurance companies will often use delays in medical treatment as a reason to reduce any compensation. Thus, if you have been injured in an accident go to the doctor immediately and do as he or she instructs including attending follow up visits and prescribed physical therapy.
  • Do not sign or agree to anything from an insurance company before you speak with an attorney at the Steele Law Firm.

Of course, every accident and injury is different and we cannot tell you exactly what your case is worth. The severity of the injuries, medical treatment, future medical costs, property damage, rental vehicle expenses, and lost income can all play a role in the value of your case.

Find out what your case is worth by contacting a personal injury attorney at the Steele Law Firm for a free consultation.