value / The Steele Law FirmThe value of your case depends on many factors, but here are a few of the most important:

  • How badly are you injured? The money paid to accident victims is based in large part on the cost of medical treatment. This means that if you have been severely injured and underwent extensive treatment then you will collect more than if you have only a mild injury that did not require much medical care.
  • How badly did the wrongdoer act? Juries award larger sums of money in a personal injury case when they want to protect others from similar accidents as well punish the responsible party. Thus, if the bad act was intentional like running a red light or texting while driving then the value of the case goes up. But if the accident results from a simple mistake then the value goes down.
  • Can the responsible party pay? Unfortunately, the value of your case often depends on the amount of insurance the wrongdoer possesses. You might have hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, but if the wrongdoer possesses only $25,000 in insurance coverage and otherwise has no assets to recover then your award will be limited to that $25,000.
  • Our experience teaches us that the value of a case is greatly affected by the amount of documented losses we can provide the insurance company. Therefore, seek medical attention immediately, create a file to save all the documents related to your treatment, take pictures of the accident scene and/or your injuries, and keep a diary of the pain and suffering you endure as you recover.