What to Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer / The Steele Law Firm

Before Hiring a Lawyer

As you hear or see on every advertisement for a lawyer, the choice of a lawyer is an important one. For that reason, if you have been injured in an accident consider asking some of these questions when choosing a lawyer. This is not an exhaustive list, but the answers to these questions will help you decide whether any particular lawyer is the right person to win your case.

  • What experience do you have handling injury cases? You would not have your eye doctor perform back surgery. The same is true of a law firm. Representing persons injured in an accident can be complex and it requires specialized knowledge and experience. At the Steele Law Firm we are experienced in injury cases because that is all we do.
  • How will the lawyer charge you for his or her services? Some lawyers require that you pay them an upfront fee or even by the hour. On the other hand, some law firms pay all of the costs of the case up front and are paid for their time and expense only when the injured person collects what he or she deserves. This is called a contingency fee and this is what we do at the Steele Law Firm. We do not get paid until after you collect what you deserve.
  • Who will be my primary contact person and what is his/her position with the firm? If you have been injured in an accident then your case means a lot to you and you should know who is fighting for your rights. One attorney will be your point of contact at the Steele Law Firm and you can sleep well knowing that you can call or email any time with questions about your case, and he will respond as soon possible.

Find out what your case is worth by contacting a personal injury attorney at the Steele Law Firm for a free consultation.