When you trusted a nursing home in Kansas City to take good care of your elderly loved one, you never imagined they would suffer a preventable fall. Sadly, falls are all too common in nursing homes. In 2024, over 1 in 4 nursing home residents experienced a fall. If your family member fell in their Kansas City nursing home, an elder abuse lawyer can help protect their rights.

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You Have the Right to Hold the Nursing Home Responsible

Nursing homes must keep their residents safe from falls. This means having enough staff, training them well, assessing each resident’s fall risk, and taking steps to prevent falls. If they failed to do this and your loved one got hurt in a fall, you may have a legal case against the nursing home. An elder abuse lawyer can review what happened and explain your options.

Key Steps to Take After a Nursing Home Fall in Kansas City

The days and weeks after a nursing home fall can be scary and overwhelming. But there are some essential things you can do to protect your loved one and their legal rights:

  •   Get the proper medical care and follow-up treatment for their injuries

  •   Report the fall to the nursing home administrators and your local ombudsman 

  •   Document everything – take photos of injuries, get copies of medical records, and write down what happened in detail

  •   Contact an experienced Kansas City nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss your case

How an Elder Abuse Attorney Can Help Your Family

Nursing homes don’t always take responsibility when a resident is seriously injured in a fall. They may deny that they did anything wrong or try to blame your loved one. An elder abuse attorney will stand up for your family’s rights. Through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, you may be able to recover money damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. A skilled law firm like The Steele Law Firm can guide you.

Nursing Home Fall Facts & Statistics

While not every nursing home fall can be prevented, far too many happen due to neglect or abuse. Did you know:

  • According to the CDC, 1 in 3 Kansas City nursing home residents suffered a fall in 2024, 10% more than the previous year.  

  • Less than half of nursing home residents who fall report it to staff, often out of fear.

  • Understaffing contributes to 27% of preventable falls in Midwestern nursing homes.

No matter the circumstances, your loved one deserves justice after a serious nursing home fall. An elder abuse lawyer will be on your side.

Protecting Your Loved One’s Future

Your loved one should be able to trust their nursing home to keep them safe and treat them with dignity. When that trust is broken and they suffer harm, you have the power to stand up for their rights. Consider speaking with a Kansas City nursing home abuse attorney as soon as possible about your loved one’s fall and legal options. Experienced lawyers like those at The Steele Law Firm offer free consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kansas City Nursing Home Falls

  1. What are some common injuries from nursing home falls?

Nursing home residents can suffer severe injuries from falls, like broken hips, head trauma, spinal cord damage, and lacerations. Some falls may even result in wrongful death.

  1. How long do I have to file a lawsuit after a nursing home fall in Kansas City?

In general, you have two years from the date of injury or death to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit in Missouri. An elder abuse attorney can advise you on applicable deadlines.  

  1. What is the average settlement for a nursing home fall case?

Every case is unique, but nursing home fall settlements may range from tens of thousands to over a million dollars, depending on factors like the severity of injuries. An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can assess the value of your claim.

  1. How can I report nursing home neglect or abuse in Kansas City? 

If you suspect a KC nursing home neglects or abuses residents, you can file a complaint with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. For immediate danger, call 911.

  1. What legal compensation can my family get in a Kansas City nursing home fall case?

Suppose your elderly loved one was seriously injured due to a preventable fall in their Kansas City nursing home. In that case, your family may be able to recover money for damages such as:

  • Medical bills and future care costs related to fall injuries

  • Your loved one’s pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life  

  • Disability and disfigurement

  • Funeral and burial expenses (in cases of wrongful death)

An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can calculate the full value of your claim and fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.

Experienced nursing home Abuse Lawyer

No elderly person should suffer a preventable fall in a nursing home. Sadly, it happens all too often right here in Kansas City. If your loved one fell and got hurt in a local nursing home, don’t hesitate to explore your legal options with an elder abuse lawyer who cares. Your family may be entitled to significant compensation. More importantly, you could help protect other vulnerable seniors from neglect. 

As a reputable nursing home abuse lawyer in Kansas City, The Steele Law Firm is ready to fight for elderly rights, championing against neglect or abuse of any kind—because dignity should be a non-negotiable in anyone’s later years in life. Call us today for more information at 816-466-5947