Nursing Staff and Nursing Home Litigation / The Steele Law FirmStaff account for nearly two-thirds of all employees in nursing homes. This is because federal law requires that nursing homes possess adequate nursing staff to provide proper care for residents.

Nursing homes employ three categories of nurses. Each serves a particular purpose and has certain qualifications.

The first category are Registered Nurses (“RN”) who must possess degrees from an accredited nursing school. In fact, each RN is required to pass a state examination in the state where he or she practices. These nurses are highly trained and responsible for diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation of resident care. RNs typically supervise and delegate tasks to LPNs and LVNs.

The second are Licensed Practical Nurses (“LPN”) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (“LVN”) who are required to complete only 12 to 18 months of education and pass an examination. LPNs and LVNs usually work under RNs and provide the bedside care residents require including providing medication, inserting catheters, and giving injections.

The final category are Nursing Aides who provide nursing services, but are not a licensed healthcare professional. Aides typically only undergo a training program or competency evaluation. Upon completion of training and an evaluation these individuals are often referred to as certified nursing aides (CNA).

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