Ownership of Nursing Homes and Who to Sue / The Steele Law FirmIt is important to know who owns a nursing home before filing a lawsuit against the facility. This information has many practical applications. First, it may provide insight into which parties should be named in the lawsuit. Second, it may also establish how much a plaintiff can recover in litigation. In either case, it is important to ascertain the ownership of nursing homes before bringing a claim.

Ownership of nursing homes is divided amongst three groups. Approximately two thirds of all nursing homes in the United States are proprietary or for profit. The next largest group ­– almost 27% – consists of nonprofit volunteer organizations. The remaining nursing homes are government operated. Importantly, proprietary or for profit nursing homes are the most solvent and able to pay a potential judgment to an injured resident.

Attorneys should consider naming multiple parties in any lawsuit alleging nursing home negligence or abuse. Most nursing homes operate as a corporation that is responsible for the actions of the facility. Thus, the corporation should be named in any lawsuit. However, it is often also advantageous to name the nursing home administrator as a defendant. The administrator is appointed by the board of directors and oversees all actions inside the nursing home.

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