Signs of Nursing Home Abuse / The Steele Law FirmFamilies place an immeasurable amount of trust in nursing home staff when they admit a loved one to that facility. This trust is often misguided when nursing home abuse occurs to loved ones instead of the promised care.

What can families do to help stop this?

First, family members must not wait for nursing home staff to report the abuse. In many cases, staff will either turn a blind eye to abuse or help cover it up. Thus, it’s the responsibility of the family members to spots signs of abuse before its too late. Spotting this misconduct early can prevent the more serious injuries or possible death that often result from nursing home abuse.

Second, it is very important that family members know the possible signs of nursing home abuse. The most obvious signs of abuse are bruising, open wounds (i.e. bed sores, cuts), change in weight, poor hygiene and damaged clothing or bedding. Abuse shows itself subtly as well. For instance, unresponsiveness, emotional withdrawal, disappearance of personal items and unusual financial transactions may also be signs of nursing home abuse.

Finally, family members must remember that residents are often unable to stop nursing home abuse on their own because they may fear retribution from their abusers. As our parents taught us, if you see something wrong then say something!

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