Smoking in Nursing Homes / The Steele Law FirmMany nursing home’s residents want to maintain certain aspects of their lifestyle. For that reason, many elders that enter a nursing home want to continue smoking. Unfortunately, this often proves dangerous because nursing homes fail to properly monitor the resident. Indeed, the dangers associated with resident smoking are easily negated with proper supervision and a reasonable smoking policy.

Nursing homes that allow resident smoking have implemented a couple of reasonable and common policies. For instance, some nursing homes restrict it to a designated area in the facility. Others allow residents only to smoke outdoors. Either policy can be effective and prevent injury if administered properly.

However, a nursing home’s failure to properly enforce its smoking policy can lead to disastrous consequences. For example, if a facility fails to properly supervise its designated smoking area then residents can be burned. Similarly, cigarettes can cause actual fires. The danger of fire is especially scary in a nursing home where residents require oxygen. As a result, any nursing home with a designated smoking area must also provide supervision at all times. Failure to do so may cause a resident to get burned or cause a fire that puts every resident at risk.

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