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Jun 28, 2016

Damage Caps In MO

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For a brief time, it appeared as if plaintiffs in Missouri would be able to receive full compensation for their injuries. Unfortunately, this ruling from Watts v. Lester E. Cox Med. Ctrs did not last. SB 239 (codified as 538.210) modified medical negligence in Missouri. The act eliminated the common law cause of action and [...]

Jun 21, 2016

Social Media Discovery Of Plaintiffs

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Despite the fact that they have done damage to the Plaintiff, nursing homes often will try to further pry. Social media discovery requests from defense attorneys are becoming more and more common in litigation today. Defense attorneys often seek to go on a fishing expedition in hopes of finding something. Often times this is even [...]

Jun 14, 2016

Videotaping Depositions

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Even if it is not entirely prevalent, the Missouri Rules of Civil Procedure allow videotaping of depositions.[1] Specifically the Rule 57.03(c) notes that, “[d]epositions may be recorded by the use of video tape or similar methods. The recording of the deposition by video tape shall be in addition to a usual recording and transcription method [...]

Jun 07, 2016

Pressure Ulcers Preventable

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The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel defines pressure ulcers as “localized injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence, as a result of pressure, or pressure in combination with shear.”[1] Elders in nursing homes are particularly vulnerable to these injuries due to their age and propensity to be in bed or [...]