Supreme Court Ruling: A Victory for Nursing Home Residents and Their Families

At The Steele Law Firm, we are dedicated to holding nursing homes accountable for the care of their residents. We are committed to fighting against nursing homes who put profits over people, resulting in chronic understaffing, inadequate training, and insufficient policies and management. This can lead to severe injuries such as pressure ulcers, falls, or even death. Today, we are pleased to share a recent Supreme Court ruling that strengthens [...]

DHHS: 25% of Nursing Home Abuse Cases not Reported

Over One Quarter of Nursing Home Abuse Cases Not Reported to Police, Says Department of Health and Human Services An ongoing investigation by the Office of Inspector General in the Department of Health and Human Services has released an alert to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that more needs to be done to identify cases of abuse. While the full report from the investigation won’t be completed [...]

Pressure Injury Staging System 2016 Updates

Nursing home negligence occurs when homes neglect the very residents they are supposed to protect. One of the more common injuries resulting from this is pressure ulcers, or as they are called now “pressure injuries,” according to the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Pressure Injury Staging System. This is more than just a change in terminology though, as it was made because it better describes the actual injury. This is [...]

Special Focus Facilities

In most fields and areas of life, there are consequences for failing to live up to basic standards. In nursing homes though, this is often not the case. Nursing homes are given inspections or surveys, in order to ensure they are complying with basic standards necessary for the welfare of their residents. However, historically facilities that showed deficiencies during these inspections have had very little in the way of consequences [...]

South Carolina Arbitration Opinion

Families go to nursing homes during some of their most vulnerable times. You would hope in their time of need, that the home would show compassion and worry solely about best meeting the needs of their new-found resident. Unfortunately, many homes have other things on their mind when admitting the loved one of an emotionally fragile family. Many homes use this opportunity to limit liability by pushing arbitration clauses on [...]

Pressure Sores

Nursing homes are negligent when they neglect or abuse the very residents they are entrusted to protect. Unfortunately, pressure sores – or bedsores as they are sometimes known – are one of the most common forms of nursing home neglect and abuse. In fact, the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Pressure Injury Staging System (“NPUAP”) has determined that a pressure sore should instead be called a “pressure injury.”[1] This constitutes [...]

Missouri Omnibus Nursing Home Act

Missouri Omnibus Nursing Home Act--how to get around damage caps, how the statute allows for punitive damages and attorney fees.   No family wants to file a nursing home negligence claim. That is the thing that most people will never understand. There are around 15,700 nursing home and 1.4 million residents in nursing home in the United States.[1] There are many more incidences of nursing home abuse among these residents [...]

Advantages Of Federal Court In Kansas

ADVANTAGES OF FEDERAL COURT IN KANSAS NURSING HOME CASES In an ideal world, justice would be equally and readily available no matter where a person is injured. This is especially true in nursing home abuse cases. Families place their loved ones in nursing homes so they can receive the care they need and deserve. It should not matter where the nursing home is located if they injure the very people [...]

Federal Court Cases

In many cases it is very advantageous to get Kansas nursing home cases into Federal Court. Federal Court offers the ability to allege punitive damages in the complaint and entitles plaintiffs to a jury trial on punitive damages. Neither of these remedies are available at a state level. However, getting into federal court requires that the parties be diverse. Fortunately there is a common solution to this.  In many nursing [...]

Nursing Home Compare

As people grow older, their needs often rise. Eventually their families cannot provide adequate care and seek outside help. Nursing homes are supposed to provide this care, but families often are unable to find the right home for their loved one. Fortunately, the Nursing Home Compare Tool on the Medicare website[1] can be very helpful and informative. Families start out on the website by entering their zip code, city, or [...]