For the elderly, falls can have disastrous consequences. Elderly bones are often brittle, meaning that even mild falls can result in debilitating injuries such as a broken hip, wrist, or back.

More than half to three-quarters of nursing home residents will fall each year. This is twice the rate for elderly persons living in their homes. And these statistics even fail to account for the fact that nursing home falls are underreported. On top of all this, more than 1,800 nursing home residents die annually from fall-related injuries.

The worst part is that most falls in nursing homes are preventable. The difference between safe passage and disaster can be a staff member exercising reasonable caution. However, too often the mistake of doing something quickly, rather than safely, ends in a preventable injury. In other cases, neglect is the reason for falls: Residents may attempt to perform a task which staff should handle. Or, unmonitored patients may fall because of a change in medication or another medical condition.

No matter what the reason, a preventable fall is unacceptable. Loved ones deserve the highest standard of care and should never be injured because of carelessness or neglect of nursing home staff. If your loved one has suffered serious injury or death as a result of a fall in a nursing home we encourage you to contact us. You deserve the opportunity to recover the damages the nursing home has caused you.

Nursing home abuse and negligence claims involve many complex legal and medical issues. Having the right attorney is essential to recovering what you deserve.

Our nursing abuse law firm will do everything possible to assist you in obtaining the maximum compensation possible. More importantly, our firm will serve as an ally that will give you and your family the respect and compassion it needs. Contact us to protect your family today.

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