Thoughtful senior man in wheelchair in nursing homeIn nursing home litigation, it is essential to gather as much information as possible from the facility. This means demanding every document and record that the home is willing to provide before filing a lawsuit. Nursing homes are required by law to maintain many records that can provide insight into the case. While they may be slow to produce these documents, in the end this can speed up the litigation process.

There are many nursing home documents that may be helpful to a potential plaintiff. These documents include the residential lease, marketing materials from the nursing home, other written agreements signed by the resident or his or representative, facility and ownership information, and facility websites. A skilled attorney can begin screening these documents for things such as notice requirements, statute of limitations issues, and arbitration clauses. These documents also can provide proof that certain services were promised.

Perhaps the most important documents are the resident’s medical records that can provide evidence of abuse or neglect. These records usually include notes from nurses and physicians about the resident’s health. If the resident was injured in a single incident, records often include a detailed account of what happened.  These records can later be compared to witness statements or deposition testimony to show conflicting and changing accounts of the nursing home. Finally, the nursing home also keeps employee records. Considering the high turnover rate of aides it is important to interview these former employees.

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