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There are many different types of employees in a nursing home. Some employees work in a mostly administrative capacity while others work directly with residents. In nursing home negligence case it is essential to determine who are the appropriate and responsible parties in the nursing homes.

The most important nursing home employee is the administrator. The administrator is appointed by the board of directors and licensed by the state in which he or she works. Most states define the administrator as the person in charge of the facility’s management. For this reason, the administrator should be named in most nursing home negligence cases.

A nursing home administrator must meet certain educational requirements. For example, in Missouri, either 3 years of nursing home administrator experience or an Associate’s degree in a specified field is required.[1] Similarly, Kansas requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.[2] Like most states, both Missouri and Kansas require nursing home administrators to pass an exam as well. Beyond these requirements, a federally mandated program imposes other prerequisites to certification. A nursing home administrator’s failure to meet any of these requirements may serve as basis to name that person as an individual defendant in a nursing home negligence claim.

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