Approximately one-third of all people admitted to nursing homes have diabetes. Eighty-percent of those residents also suffer from cardiovascular disease while fifty-six percent have been diagnosed with hypertension. All of these issues are treatable, however. That is why many families turn to a nursing home to provide the constant care and monitoring their loved one requires. Unfortunately, many nursing homes ignore diabetic complications resulting in severe injury or even death.

Diabetes Mellitus refers to a person’s inability to produce the correct amount of insulin to manage the glucose levels in their blood. This condition requires regular monitoring including constant checking of blood sugar levels, a specialized diet, and in many cases medication. Yet, nursing home staff are often too short on time or patience to provide this essential and promised care. As a result, complications from diabetes arise often in a nursing home setting.

Diabetes can have very serious consequences if left untreated or not treated properly. Complications include amputations, cognitive changes, vision damage, foot damage, hearing damage, diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure, nerve damage, skin and mouth problems, and even death. All of these complications are avoidable if diabetes is managed carefully and residents are given the attention they deserve.

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