Nursing homes are supposed to keep residents healthy. But when infections run rampant, they threaten the health of every resident and risk serious complications in those who are most fragile. Unfortunately, nursing homes often fail to quickly and properly treat even naturally occurring infections in residents.

The law requires every nursing home to produce and implement an Infection Control Program to protect residents. Infections can quickly and easily spread in a nursing home because residents live in close proximity to each other. Typical infection control policies include washing hands, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning dirty equipment. At a minimum, these policies help to eliminate bacteria.

If, and when, a resident contracts an infection it is essential that a nursing home react swiftly and effectively. The best thing nursing home staff can do is to identify an infection early and treat it as soon as possible. Once the infection is curbed, nursing home staff should ensure it does not return or spread, and continually follow up with the resident after treatment. These simple steps can prevent most infections in nursing homes and mitigate the damage from ones that do arise. Unfortunately, nursing home staff often fail to follow these easy procedures.

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