Elders place a large amount of trust in their caregivers when admitted to a nursing home. They must depend on nursing home staff to assist them with many personal needs. Unfortunately, some nursing home staff betray this trust in a despicable manner. Each year many nursing home residents are sexually abused by the very people entrusted to care for them.

The National Center on Elder Abuse defines sexual abuse as “non-consensual sexual contact of any kind with an elderly person” or “sexual contact with any person incapable of giving consent.” However, this does not just include physical sexual acts. For example, forcing nursing home residents to view explicit sexual material or remove their clothes can constitute sexual abuse as well. Likewise, non-consensual touching during legitimate activities such as bathing could also fall into the category.

Despite its serious nature, sexual abuse in nursing homes is highly under-reported. Many nursing home victims fear retribution while others are simply embarrassed. Some may lack the ability or capacity to communicate. Thus, it is important to know the signs sexual abuse. These signs include: bleeding and scarring of genitals, urinary irritations, and sexually transmitted diseases. While these may be difficult and painful to discover, doing so could save loved ones from further abuse.

If you suspect a love one has been the victim of sexual abuse at a nursing home, we encourage you to contact our nursing home negligence and abuse law firm.

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