Elders enter a nursing home because they can no longer perform certain tasks necessary to maintain their health. These tasks include transporting themselves to doctor appointments, outpatient surgery, and in some cases the emergency room. Once in the nursing home, residents rely on medical transportation services provided by the nursing home. Unfortunately, residents are often injured during transportation.

The law requires that a nursing home exercise due care and necessary precautions to prevent injuries when transporting residents. When nursing homes fail to exercise proper care and take proper precautions when transporting a resident, injuries are likely to occur.

There are many ways nursing homes residents are injured when being medically transported. One of the most common causes of injury is a motor vehicle accident. Negligent driving accounts for many transportation related injuries of nursing home residents. They can also be injured because their wheelchair or stretcher is not properly secured. Finally, transportation injuries occur when staff are not careful while transferring the resident in and out of a vehicle, resulting in falls.

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