Payment Sources for Nursing Home Care / The Steele Law FirmNursing homes receive payments from a variety of sources. They then use the payments to provide the staff, medical equipment and facilities necessary to fulfill the needs of their residents. In fact, nursing homes are paid from both government and private sources. But in order for facilities to receive funds from the government they must be either Medicare or Medicaid certified. Unfortunately, no uniform standard exists for facilities accepting private payment.

Nursing homes must provide a resident the same standard of care no matter the source – or sources – of payment. Failure to do so is a violation of the Nursing Home Reform Law and can result in penalties. While Medicare and Medicaid are common sources for nursing home funding they are not the only ones. Nursing homes also are paid by private insurance, personal income and family support. The majority of residents use multiple sources to pay for their stay.

The average nursing home costs about $10,948 per year. About one fifth of this amount is typically paid out of pocket. Medicare pays for slightly over half; while on average, Medicaid pays for ten-percent. The rest of the cost must be derived from other sources. These sources mainly consist of private insurers.

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