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Aug 01, 2014

Ownership of Nursing Home Facilities and Who to Sue

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It is important to know who owns a nursing home before filing a lawsuit against the facility. This information has many practical applications. First, it may provide insight into which parties should be named in the lawsuit. Second, it may also establish how much a plaintiff can recover in litigation. In either case, it is [...]

May 15, 2014

Key Players in Nursing Home Litigation: Nursing Staff

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Staff account for nearly two-thirds of all employees in nursing homes. This is because federal law requires that nursing homes possess adequate nursing staff to provide proper care for residents. Nursing homes employ three categories of nurses. Each serves a particular purpose and has certain qualifications. The first category are Registered Nurses (“RN”) who must [...]

May 01, 2014

Key Players in Nursing Home Litigation: Medical Director

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Federal law requires each nursing home to appoint a physician as medical director. The medical director possesses the power to draft and implement resident care policies. The medical director is also responsible for ensuring that the facility abides by its standard of care for all residents. Developing a resident care policy is a complex process. [...]

Apr 15, 2014

Key Players in a Nursing Home: Nursing Home Administrator

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Nursing Home Administrator There are many different types of employees in a nursing home. Some employees work in a mostly administrative capacity while others work directly with residents. In nursing home negligence case it is essential to determine who are the appropriate and responsible parties in the nursing homes. The most important nursing home employee [...]

Mar 15, 2014

Key Players in Nursing Home Litigation: Director of Nursing

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Nursing homes require many staff members to operate properly. Among the most important nursing home staff members is the director of nursing. The director of nursing (DON) has many responsibilities. These include overseeing the nursing home staff and implementing resident care policies. The DON also reports to the administrator, medical director, and attending physicians regarding [...]